A (very) short film competition

Four4 is back for 2013
And this year we want you to make us a 16 second horror film

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2013 competition

Four4 is a short film competition from River Film challenging film makers to produce a film consisting of just 4 shots, which are each 4 seconds long. Yep that's right, just 16 seconds of film content - not including the title or credits.

The first Four4 competition ran last year and we asked 18-25 year old aspiring filmmakers to make us laugh. This year, the only age limit is that you must be over 18. But we don't want you to make us laugh. We want you to scare us. Make us a horror.

The 32 shortlisted films, along with all 155 entries to Four4 2013 are on our Youtube channel.

Voting has now ended. Winners to be announced shortly.

The winner of Four4 2013 will walk away with a head spinning £1,000.

Shortlist - VOTING OPEN

We had a fantastic response to this year's competition, with over 150 'Horrifying' entries. And with the standard so high, it would be unfair of us to narrow it down to just 10. So this year we’ve shortlisted 30. In no particular order, below are our shortlisted entries.

The two winners of the Wild Card vote were Eternal Rest and Going Out - both have now been added to the shortlist.

Voting has now ended. Winners to be announced shortly.

The winners


"Dave Called in Sick Today" by James Chappell


"Moving in" by Matt Johns


"Mr Cuddles" by Jack Payne


Four4 2012

The first Four4 competition ran last year and we asked filmmakers to make us laugh with a 16 second comedy. After 39 entrees and over 2,000 Twitter votes - Rob Savage collected the £1,000 prize with a film that packed everything into those 16 seconds - comedy, romance and a touch of...well touching.

Take a look at top three films as voted for by the public - or have a browse through the top 10 films below.

The Rules

  • The film must consist of 4 separate shots that are 4 seconds in length = 16 seconds of film content (excluding title/credits). Title/credits must be no longer than 2 seconds each.
  • The maximum length for the film including all titles, credits, film content and the end title card is 22 seconds (maximum entry will have a 2 second title, 16 second film, 2 second credits, 2 second end slate = 22 second film).
  • The final date for submissions is 11pm on May 31st 2013. All entries must be received prior to this date in order to be considered.
  • The films must fit within the "horror" genre including sub-genres: action horror, body horror, comedy horror, gothic horror, natural horror, psychological horror, sci-fi horror, slasher horror, splatter horror and zombie horror.
  • The competition is open to short films of all disciplines; live action, animation, stop motion etc.
  • Entrants must be aged 18 or over by the time the competition closes for entries (31st May 2013).
  • The film must include the end slate available to download here including the competition logo, the logo of River Film and URLs. This must play at the end for 2 seconds.
  • Entrants must fill out the entry form and upload the final film at river.wetransfer.com and email to four4@riverfc.com.
  • The films must be encoded as .mp4, .mov, or .wmv with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720p.
  • This competition is only open to residents of the United Kingdom.
  • See Full Rules/Terms and Conditions

    Download the End Slate


    1. Read the rules
    2. Visit river.wetransfer.com upload your horror film and email it to four4@riverfc.com
    3. Fill out the entry form and hit submit*

    *You will receive a confirmation email within 24-48 hours once both your film and entry form have been submitted

    For any questions or any problems with your submission tweet us @Four4comp or email four4@riverfc.com

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